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Board Game Spotlight: Evolution: Climate

In today's spotlight we take a look at the new standalone version of one of our favourites here at Zatu, and that is Evolution: Climate.

The Game

Evolution: Climate is a brand new standalone version of the Evolution game system, introducing climates as well as some additional new traits for your species. Instead of just worrying about food and predators, the elements will now play a pivotal role too! Will you evolve to have a migratory or heavily furred species in order to help stave of the cold? will you choose to be nocturnal or burrow to escape the harsh heat?

Each round when the food stock is filled the games climate has a chance to change, providing a more dynamic and dangerous environment for your species to live in.

A new board is also present in Evolution:Climate, which helps to track the changing of the seasons and features more of Evolution's gorgeous art work. If you already have a copy of the award winning base game, there is a Climate update pack that can be bought to upgrade your current edition, however the designers do not recommend mixing Climate with the previously released Flight expansion.

The Publisher

North Star Games is a US board game company, who's aim is to create games that are simple enough for non-gamers to learn whilst still retaining enough strategy for a veteran audiences.

Evolution is their most prominent title currently, however they also have a range of other games that are of semi educational, such as Wits & Wagers there award winning history game.

The Designers

The artwork in Evolution: Climate is stunning, much like the original game. Catherine Hamilton worked on a large amount of this artwork - by creating watercolour paintings to help bring the game to life!

On the game's official Kickstarter campaign, North Star Games say:

"Catherine taught as a professor at Rhode Island School of Design between 1997 and 2003. She was featured in the 2012 HBO documentary "Birders: the Central Park Effect" and has developed a body of work that crosses the boundaries between artistic and scientific investigation."

Other designers involved in the development of the game include Ben Goldman and Jacoby O'Connor.

Add Evolution: Climate to your collection

Want to expand your Evolution knowledge? Evolution:Climate is available in our online store.