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Board Game Spotlight: Coup

In this edition of our Board Game Spotlights we must bluff our way to victory as we take a look at Coup!

The fun party game was released back in 2012 and sees you taking on your friends and attempting to bluff your way into power! Will you be successful? Or do your friends and family just know when you are lying?

The Game

In Coup each player becomes a head of a family in an Italian city-state, which is run by a corrupt, weak government.The aim for each player is to manipulate, bluff and bribe your way into power so that you have control and can turn the city around!

The aim of the game is to be the last player standing! Through the use of coins and two cards placed face-down in front of you, you must come up with a strategy in order to get the better of your friends and family.

You must decide whether or not other players are telling the truth or their turns, whilst also keeping a straight face when you are in the hot seat! Coup is all about strategy and playing the right cards at the right time.

There are five different character cards within the game, each with their own unique powers:

  • Duke: Take three coins from the treasury. Block someone from taking foreign aid.
  • Assassin: Pay three coins and try to assassinate another player's character.
  • Contessa: Block an assassination attempt against yourself.
  • Captain: Take two coins from another player, or block someone from stealing coins from you.
  • Ambassador: Draw two character cards from the Court (the deck), choose which (if any) to exchange with your face-down characters, then return two. Block someone from stealing coins from you.

Each player also has the option to simply take a coin from the treasury, known as income, or take two coins from the treasury, known as foreign aid!

The Publisher

La Mame Games are an London-based publisher who were founded in 2012. Their official website states that they are a group of family and friends who simply love playing games. Each year the group get together in France for a summer full of board games.

Alongside the Coup franchise, La Mame Games have also created fun, friendly games such as G.Nome, Gooseberry, Melee and Vampire Panic.

You will also see the Indie Boards & Cards logo on the front of the Coup box. They are responsible for top games such as Flash Point Fire Rescue and The Resistance!

The Designer

Coup was designed by American board game designer Rikki Tahta, who also designed games in the Complots franchise. Tahta also designed several expansions for the base Coup game.

Buy Coup Today

Think you have what it takes to bluff your way to victory? Then you're in the right place as you can buy Coup on the Zatu store right now! If that isn't enough for you, we also have the Rebellion G54 standalone expansion available as well!