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Board Game News: Rise of the Empire

Rise of the Empire

Fantasy Flight Games are bringing a new expansion to the hugely popular Star Wars: Rebellion called Rise of the Empire. Rise of the Empire is said to be heavily influenced by the 2016 blockbuster Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Rise of the Empire is set in the galaxy's darkest times with the Galactic Empire spreading like a virus destroying all in its path and constructing a deadly new battle station. Rise of the Empire will introduce new leaders, units, cinematic combat, action cards and iconic characters such as Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor and Jabba The Hut.

Check out Zatu's Upcoming Releases page to get your Rise of the Empire pre-order now!

Trash Panda: Metropolis 

Breaking news coming from Steamforged Games... due to the popularity of their Dark Souls playthroughs at Gen Con, the gaming company will be showcasing a brand new game for fans that won't be able to get into the Dark Soul playthroughs. Trash Panda: Metropolis will be exclusive to Gen Con attendees and Steamforged Games have released the following statement on their website,

"GenCon 50 Attendees! I hope you saved a slot for some fun!

They're hungry, and you're the food! Do you have what it takes to escape a city overrun? To survive the horrors of a megacorporation gone rogue? Be one of the first to experience a top-secret project from Steamforged Games, the creators of Dark Souls: The Board Game and Guild Ball. A trained company operative will guide you and a friend through this terrifying demo.

Couldn’t get into a Dark Souls playthrough? Due to the popularity of our Dark Souls events we've decided to give you a sneak preview into a super-secret project! Hope you brought an umbrella, because it’s raining events! That’s right, you have the chance to be one of the first to try out an amazing new game before anyone else. Tickets are sure to sell out fast though so hurry and sign up now!

BE WARNED: Event name and description is subject to mutation..."

Gen Con will be on from 17 August to 20 August at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, USA.

Cities In Ruin Now Available

Fantasy Flight Games' new expansion for Eldrich Horror, Cities in Ruin has now been released. Cities in Ruin is a world in turmoil after cities are left in ruin from violent earthquakes and destructing typhoons. Something stirs deep below the Earth, something ancient and players will have to deal with the devastation. Cities in Ruin will have players playing four new investigators, who face the brink of madness, battling Ancient Ones. Cities in Ruin introduces new monster and encounter cards to the world of Eldritch Horror and a new Ancient One Shudde M’ell’s presence brings a destructive twist to the game in the form of the Disaster deck.

The Circus is in Town

A new milestone has been reached by the highly popular tile game of Carcassonne. It is getting its TENTH expansion, Under the Big Top. Z-Man Games, the expansion's creators, have stated,

"In Under the Big Top, players enter a whole new world where exotic animals perform for awestruck crowds and acrobatic meeples climb to new heights. Once the big top goes up, the people come from miles away to take in the attractions. With twenty new land tiles and two new types of meeples, Under the Big Top adds thrilling new dimensions to your games of Carcassonne."

Under the Big Top brings a unique new chapter to Carcassonne and undoubtedly a very fun and enjoyable theme. Step right up today as this expansion is now available from Zatu Games.