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Friday 26th May Board Game News

Board Game News - Heroes of Black Reach

Welcome to your weekly board game news round up From Zatu Games.

First up for you on this lovely Friday is an announcement from Devil Pig Games, as they take their game system from Heroes of Normandie and combine it with Warhammer 40 000! Heroes of Black Reach will be a new game set in dystopian, violent future dripping in blood and war.

The announcement stated:

"The Heroes System Tactical Scale expands beyond the Norman bocages to the very stars into the universe of Warhammer 40,000! On the world-hive of Black Reach, an Ork Waaagh! breaks, jeopardizing this sector of the galaxy! You will soon be able to help the Ultramarines in their merciless fight against the Warlord Zanzag and relive the grim adventures of Captain Cato Sicarius and Sergeant Scout Marines Torias Telion!"

Heroes of Black Reach is set for release on June 18!

Atlas: Enchanted Lands

Renegade Games are releasing a light fantasy themed card game, with featured artwork by Beth Sobelcalled Atlas: Enchanted Lands. The game has a fast play time of 20 minutes, for two to four players, where players will play down cards representing a time and place.

Atlas: Enchanted Lands is an elegant card game set in a world of mythical fairies and mysterious magic. Players explore a location at dawn, day, sunset, and night, or see what the whole land looks like in the dark. Each card offers two choices, and it’s up to the players to uncover the world that awaits.

Look out for Atlas: Enchanted Lands hitting stores and online during Autumn 2017. 

Hand of Fate: Ordeals 

We can't do a board game news round up without mentioning Kickstarter, and our news today is about Hand of Fate: Ordeals which is a board game adaptation of the popular deck-building adventure game found on gaming consoles and PC- Hand of Fate and has been developed by Defiant Development. Hand of Fate: Ordeals is for one to four players, where they build up their heroes to explore strange locations and combat enemies.

The deck-building in Hand of Fate: Ordeals requires you to explore and risk running into dangers to buy cards, which involves most of the cards in your deck and not just your hand. The combat and the character building offers a unique mechanism and what this game offers is very impressive with fantastic artwork, fun miniatures and flexible with player counts and different game modes.

Check out Hand of Fate: Ordeals on Kickstarter now.


"Humankind has come to an end. Only the Robo Sapiens remain. Robots.There was only one choice left: they build their own society. But in the absence of men a power vacuum emerged. Law and order were lost. And despite of its technological advance, the west became wild again. So the Robo Sapiens created their own law men: the Cyber-Cops, Cy-Cos for short." 

So lastly on our board game news today, Cy-Co is a strategic board game for two to four players, based in a psychedelic western cyberpunk world from German based company Villain Games. With gameplay lasting between 30-45 minutes it is ideal for casual gamers and gaming geeks and the prefabricated or self-assembled card decks provide an asymmetrical way of playing the characters.

The game area is individually designed with 3D buildings each time, so that each game shows its own cityscape and plays differently. Players alternate actions with their hand of cards and control their characters as they cross the game board seeking out other players to shoot. The 3D buildings, that players can use to jump through walls for cover,  can be changed from game to game to change New Cytex's, the city, appearance and conditions of the game.

Cy-Co is up on Kickstarter now.

Comic Con 2017

A bonus on this week's board game news from Zatu Games, is that this weekend London is hosting MCM Comic-Con where the Zatu Team will be there to indulge in all the geekiness the event has to offer! If you are planning on coming down make sure you come and say hi and we will try and get a good 'selfie' with you!