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Horror: The Genre Games Do Better Than Films

Andreas 14/11/2016

To jump tardily onto the Halloween wagon, which is an incredibly embarrassing way to get into town, I’m going to take a look at horror.

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PS4 Pro-enhanced launch games

Josh 03/11/2016

We are only a week away from the launch of the new PS4 Pro console - Sony's attempt to bring 4K into the gaming world. The console was announced back in September and fans are now eager to get their hands on the new machine.

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Morality in Video Games

Andreas 02/11/2016

As media that grant their consumer agency, games are forced to tackle choice and consequence more directly than most. I guess one facet of this is the debate over whether or not legitimising certain actions in-game can translate to real-world acts of violence, but I’d rather take this conceptual train to the next stop and look more specifically at how games implement morality mechanically.

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Sony unveil two new licensed PS4 pro controllers

Josh 28/10/2016

Sony have given their fans a first look at two brand-new licensed PlayStation 4 pro controllers which are due for release later in the year. Sony used their blog section on their EU website to unveil the two new controllers and I am here today to share this new bit of tech with you.

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PS Plus: Free Games for November

Josh 27/10/2016

A new month means more free games for all PS Plus users, whether they have a PS4, PS3 or a PS Vita. Its a great time for everybody as let's be honest, who wouldn't want two free games to play on?

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Watch: Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer

Josh 21/10/2016

Rockstar Games finally announced Red Dead Redemption 2 this week - much to the delight of the original game's huge fan base. Watch the trailer today.

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Mortal combat 1

Movie Adaptations of Video Games: Why Don’t They Work?

Andreas 12/10/2016

A Gears of War film is in the works at Universal, prompting us here at Zatu Games to take a look back over other game adaptations, shed a single tear dramatically down one cheek, and ask ourselves, generally speaking, why it is that they never seem to work.

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FIFA 17: The Review

Josh 30/09/2016

FIFA 17 has finally arrived! The new football game that everybody, including ourselves here at Zatu Games, has been talking about for months! So much had been promised by EA Sports.

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PlayStation Plus Free Games for October

Josh 29/09/2016

Sony are getting in the Halloween spirit early this year following their unveiling of the PlayStation Plus free games for the month of October. Much like Microsoft, Sony reward their online users with free games each month.

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FPS Games: The Weird and Wonderful

Andreas 22/09/2016

Call of Duty is the best-selling video game franchise in history that has nothing to do with Nintendo and isn’t Tetris. So it’s the fifth, basically.

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