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Legends Untold Box Art

Legends Untold: Q&A with Kevin Young

Martyn Poole 13/04/2017

This week I reached out to Kevin Young to talk about his upcoming game Legends Untold - which was funded through Kickstarter.

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Roll Player: Q&A with Keith Matejka

Martyn Poole 06/04/2017

I recently had the pleasure of playing Roll Player, a game that gained my interest by the huge amount of exposure it was getting from people on social media.

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Diver City Logo

Diver City: Q&A with Maxime Tardif

Martyn Poole 30/03/2017

We speak with the president of Sphere Games, Maxime Tardif, about their new Kickstarter project - Diver City.

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The City of Kings: Frank West Interview

Martyn Poole 28/03/2017

Last week I had the chance to talk to Frank West about his new game, The City of Kings. This is an upcoming Kickstarter Co-op adventure game.

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Vikingar: Q&A with Jackbro

Martyn Poole 17/03/2017

We had the pleasure of talking to the guys over at Jackbro about their upcoming Kickstarter game called Vikingar.

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The Third Law: David Harbord Interview

Martyn Poole 13/03/2017

We spoke with Primogenisis Ltd's Creative Director David Harbord about the publishers upcoming Kickstarter game, The Third Law.

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Heroes Cove: Josh Wooten Interview

Martyn Poole 10/03/2017

We speak with Josh Wooten who is set to release a new RPG, called Heroes Cove, that looks like it will change the genre for the better - by making it more accessible.

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Women in the gaming industry Sarah Kennington

Women in the gaming industry: Q&A with Sarah Kennington

Martyn Poole 06/03/2017

This past week I was fortunate to speak with Sarah Kennington, from One Free Elephant, about women's roles within the gaming industry.

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Q&A with Scythe Creator Jamey Stegmaier

Josh 04/10/2016

We were fortunate enough this week to interview Jamey Stegmaier, the creator of the hugely successful board game Scythe! We spoke to him about the unparalleled success of the original game, as well as the upcoming Invaders From Afar expansion.

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