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Video – Blockbuster: The Board Game Unboxing

Blockbuster Video Unboxing

Who remembers Blockbuster? We certainly do! This was the fantastic store where you could go and rent all the best movies and video games from! Sadly, the company would eventually disappear from our high streets.

However, Big Potato Games have now teamed up with the last remaining store in the US. The result is an exciting movie-based party game which comes in a VHS case!! Whether you’re a movie boff or a causal consumer of a good flick every now and then, Blockbuster is the hilariously fun game for you and your friends!

Playing Blockbuster

The game splits you up into two teams, and takes place across two rounds. First, you have the Head-to-Head phase. A first player is selected from both teams and they step up, (well sit opposite each other), for the round. Between them is the buzzer. A card is revealed with a random category such as “Movies with buses” and the first person to shout out their answer then hits the buzzer to start a 15-second countdown for the other player to give their answer. This goes back and forth until someone runs out of answers…

The winner gains an advantage for the Triple Charades Jeopardy round. The winner of the Head to Head draws six Movie Cards from the deck. They'll secretly pick the ‘easiest’ three for themselves. The other three are handed to the loser of the Head to Head, who also keeps them secret from the rest of their team.

Both players now decide which Movie Cards to place face-down in the corresponding parking places on the Game Board. The categories (spaces) are:

  • One Word Only - Describe the movie using just ONE WORD. Easy! Or is it?
  • Quote It - Quote a line from the movie. If you don't know one, make it up!
  • Act It - Through the medium of mime, you become the movie.

The 30-second timer is set and you must get your team-mates to work out the movies you're trying to reveal. If you get through your cards, you can move on to the other team's. This continues until a team gets all eight coloured genre cards.


Learn more about both rounds in Andru's latest unboxing video! Oh and by the way, the box is a VHS CASE.

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