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Block Party Review

block party

What's the best kind of party, the one that makes you laugh and have fun while you and your friends make wild creations with only blocks? That's right there ain't no party like a block party.

Blocks, Blocks & Hey Guess What More Blocks

One of the first things that you notice within the box for the game block party is that there are a lot of block, more blocks than there are cards, building mats and steal tokens. This is a great aspect of the game and the most bulky part of the game, you need a lot of blocks of varying colours to make this game fun and easy to play and they make sure to provide them.

So What Are These Blocks For & Why So Many?

In the game of block party you and your friends will one by one take turns to be the guesser while everyone else will be the builders. Both jobs are very simple to understand and fun to play as, the builders must build one of the many options of the builder cards out of the blocks available and the guesser must guess what has been built. Points will be awarded if the guesser gets it right to both the guesser and the builder but if the builder gets it wrong there is a chance to steal the guess and gain those sweet points.

I enjoy the concept here that the other builders can get more points if they can correctly guess what someone has built. This makes the game more fun and more engaging as everyone can have a better chance at gaining more points per round. The way this works can also mean that players can have more fun by being able to have a second guess than if they were only allowed the one chance.

Crazy Creations

Within the game of block party there is an encouragement of being able to make creations from wacky combinations, trying to come up with ways to create certain items from what blocks are offered up and being able to overcome the diversity of the situation. This is where the fun and the heart of the game is, the idea of being creative and the incentive to push your prowess to be able to make some beautiful creations that your friends should be able to guess immediately.

To help push this creativity there are bonus points awarded from challenge cards, these cards are used to give players certain challenges, ‘use the least amount of blocks’, ‘use the most amount of blocks’ and many others, you may even come up with your own. This can lead to the most interesting creative results, for example I wanted to represent the Eiffel tower with only 8 blocks, and so I was forced into a hard spot where with a combination of 1 red, 1 blue, 1 white and 5 black blocks I made a small french flag and the Eiffel tower. Another could be when a friend I played with had to create a cookie and using a combination of black and brown cubes they darted them all over the building space.

This creativity is what makes the game fun to come back to time and time again, combined with the multiple options of things to create, the wacky rules to create them and the many different ways people will approach building their versions of what they have been offered. I love this fun aspect and for a game that is not long it will encourage you to play it many times over.

Team Game

Within the box there is a game mat that on the one side scores the amount of points you get in a vs game, whereas on the other side is the game mode designed for 2 players. Thankfully the way this version plays can also work for multiple players and so I would recommend to play this regardless of your player count.

For this version of the game as you will be working in a team there is a slight few rule changes, in your team you will be trying to progress as far around the board as you can by completing the challenges set on the board. To start you have unlimited amount of blocks at your disposal and a minute to make your creations, but as time goes on these two will dwindle until all you are left with is 3 blocks and 15 seconds. At the end of each level you must guess your other teams blocks and if you get it right you progress, otherwise you will lose a life from a total of 10. The main aim for this version of the game is to see how far you can get before you lose all of your lives, when your lives are out then the game is over.


Block party is a brilliant party game to add to any board game collection you own, not only is it super fun and creative, it also brings unique challenges and reasons to come back to it time and time again. If you are looking to scratch that board game itch or just find something new to be creative with then this is the game for you, don’t wait another second for it.