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Top 5 Children’s games this Christmas


Christmas is nearly here! Children everywhere are making their lists for Santa and are getting excited for that oh so special day. We know this can be a stressful time of the year for parents so here's our guide to the best children's games this Christmas!

The House That Jack Built

An enjoyable, learning experience for your children this Christmas. A House That Jack Built sees players building their own houses by matching colours together.

Children roll the dice and proceed in-line with the colour that it lands on. If you throw white, you take a white front wall; if you throw any other colour before you possess your front wall you pass. Once you have this you take pieces that match the colour you throw. If you throw a colour you do not require, you pass.

The House That Jack Built is a simple, yet challenging game which helps with colour recognition, sharing and communication amongst groups of children. First person to build their house wins that game.

The game can be played between 2-4 children or you can go solo and play alone. The House That Jack Built is available on our online store right now!

Dobble / Dobble Kids

Dobble has become one of our top sellers here at Zatu Games! Dobble is a speedy observation game where players race to match the identical symbol between cards. The original game is suitable for children and adults alike with the Dobble Kids addition aimed solely at young children.

During a game of Dobble you need to find the matching symbol between one card and another - before your friends and family do! Every card is unique and only has one symbol on common with another in the deck.

Symbols include blocks of cheese, dinosaurs, ladybirds, snowflakes and trees. As the game is based on reactions and visual perception, rather than knowledge or strategy, there is no advantage for adults over children.

In Dobble Kids there are fewer logos and they have also increased in size. Like the original, Dobble Kids also has 5 mini-games for you to play - two of which have been specifically designed for the children's version of the game.

Dobble Kids and Dobble are available to buy on our online store today!

Rainbow Towers

Similar to The House That Jack Built, in Rainbow Towers children need to match the colours in order to complete their towers. The first to complete their tower will win the game! You just need to simply throw the correct colours on the die to build a tower using the easy-to-handle rainbow beads.

Rainbow Towers helps children with colour recognition and manipulation whilst they enjoy themselves with their friends and family. By the end of the game you will have a bright, colourful tower to show off!

Rainbow Towers can be found on our online store today!

Disney Rummy 

Everyone's favourite card game has been given a Disney makeover! All of your favourite Disney characters are included, such as Buzz Lightyear, Lightening McQueen, Nemo, Mike Wazowski and Sully!

The game is split into two different games: Junior and Family! The Junior version has been created to help teach children the basics of the game, whilst the family version is the full game that everybody knows and loves. The Junior game has been categorised for children aged 4 and over, with the family game aimed at children aged 8 and over.

In Disney Rummy you need to make a run of numbers in the same colour or a family of the same number but with different colours. Colours include blue, yellow, red and green! The first person to get ride of all their cards wins the game!

Disney Rummy can be bought on our online store today!

Flying Hats

A simple, retro game brought back to life by Rocket Toys! This game is sure to get the children laughing as they try to land their 'hats' in the correct landing targets.

The aim of the game is simple! You must flip your hats onto the target board using the flippers provided! The more you get on the board, the more points you will get. The hats are colourful and come in yellow, blue, green and red!

The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner! Flying Hats can be bought through our online store today!

There are just a few of the great games that are available here at Zatu Games. Take a look through our website to see if we have the right game or collectable for you!