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BattleTech Clan Invasion Salvage Blind Box Review


The Clan Invasion Salvage is a blind box based booster for BattleTech. You receive one unpainted miniature ‘mech’, one Alpha Strike card and one MechWarrior card. This is one out of a possible 93 different variations. The MechWarrior card also has two variant personalities to pick from with different faction alignments and abilities. This is also reflected on the Alpha Strike card which is also double sided to match.

The cards seem durable and have a slightly glossy coating and there is also a plastic blister around the mech figure to stop it from moving/knocking against the cards which is a nice touch. The mini itself is well designed and tooled. It is pre-assembled and unpainted plastic that comes attached securely to a hexagonal base to be used with the BattleTech style grids.

The Details

The detail is good on the whole but is a little soft edged in places and some of the finer detail needs to be painted although it is a nice figure regardless. There is also a minimal amount of flash or clean-up to do beyond a wash with soapy water to lose any mold release agent (possibly unnecessary but a useful tip anyway).

To give an example of contents. I received VTR-9B/D VICTOR with Curtis Fong and Hema Biswas as potential pilots. There was one small noticeable piece of flash on the upper left shoulder which was easily removed with a sharp blade. The design of the mech is solid and easily distinct from say a gundam or a jaeger and it painted up easily with no beading or weirdness from the plastic. I am also impressed at how solid the base seem without bending or seeming brittle.

There is a small amount of give in the miniature which is to be expected of plastic but after dropping it from a height two meters there was no damage or breakage which is sometimes a risk with pre-assembled minis. I was also glad to see the arms fit flush against the body which is another common issue with pre-assembled plastics. I think that given the price point it is a very reasonable figure and it is always a thrill to get a blind box and experience the nostalgia of opening one.