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Barbarians: The Invasion – Q&A with Tabula Games

Barbarians The Invasion - Tabula Games Interview

I had the opportunity to speak with the guys from Tabula Games and find out more about Barbarians: The Invasion. The second edition of the game is now live on Kickstarter.

1. Your latest Kickstarter campaign is the second edition of Barbarians: The Invasion. What made you want to release another edition of this game, and what can we expect?

During these years we received a lot of requests for a reprint of Barbarians: The Invasion, but also a lot of feedback and requests by our backers. For these reasons, we decided to not only reprint the game, but also upgrade it based on our backers feedback and the experience we gathered these years!

2. Barbarians: The Invasion, from the box art and card illustration, looks to be a combat fighting game. However, it's described as a Euro, Worker Placement, Area Control game. Please can you tell us more about how the gameplay works?

The game is a Euro game at its core, but with a heavy theme. The main mechanic is the worker placement, that happens on the rotating volcano. This adds a unique twist to the worker placement mechanics, since the landscape is always changing! The area control is instead the invasion and war part of the game, that happens in the separate war map of the world. This is a way to add a war element without conflict between players.

3. Cabal of the Dusk, Sons of the Mountain, Kin of the Forest, and Disciples of the Storm are the four different warring factions. Which of these would be your favourite, and why?

We really love the Sons of the Mountain because they are the most barbaric of all! With those huge warhammers, they're always ready for war.

4. Just as previous games from Tabula have had sequels, or spin-offs in the same universe, can we ever expect anything similar for Barbarians?

We aren't planning anything right now, but we might explore something similar in the future!

5. If money was no object, what would be the ultimate stretch goal that you'd like to see added and then achieved in this campaign?

A set of four full-sized barbarian armour and weapons, to help immersion!

Barbarians: The Invasion is available to back on Kickstarter now. At the time of writing (September 27), over 1700 people have raised just over £70,000. There are seven days remaining, so go and check it out today.