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Rachel Page

Due to her competitive streak, Rachel will happily play any game that is suggested. From long sessions of Eldritch Horror to high-energy games of Secret Hitler, as long as there are enough people to play, she is in. Her two nuisance cats do add an interesting element to gameplay. The "Act of Cat" house rule has had to be introduced for dexterity games: if they knock it over, you are not allowed to rebuild it. Between her books and her board games, storage space is starting to become a bit of a problem.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

D&D Stranger Things

Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set: Stranger Things Review

Rachel Page 26/07/2022

Dungeons and Dragons. So much to say, not enough time. D&D Stranger Things Starter Set is an awesome place to start your D&D journey!

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The Princess Bride cover

The Princess Bride Review

Rachel Page 16/05/2022

If you like The Princess Bride or have kids that do, you will enjoy this game. It captures the charm of the film!

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luna cover

Luna Capital Review

Rachel Page 05/04/2022

The best way to start Luna Capital is to follow the set-up instructions first and then look at gameplay. Check out this review...

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Talisman Harry Potter Feature

Talisman: Harry Potter Review

Rachel Page 18/01/2022

If you have spent your life waiting for your Hogwarts letter, then this game is for you. Defeat the Dark Lord... or join him.

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Dungeons and Dragons

Games for People Interested in Dungeons and Dragons

Rachel Page 30/12/2021

If you are interested in Dungeons and Dragons, you should just go for it! It is a terrific way to spend an evening.

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tea for 2 feature

Tea for 2 Review

Rachel Page 03/03/2021

Alice and the Red Queen are at it again. Who will be victorious this time? Grab a cuppa, a slice of cake and join us for Tea for 2.

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alternatives to classic games feature

Top 6 Alternatives to Classic Games

Rachel Page 18/01/2021

If you want to bring new life to your gaming sessions, then try these alternatives to classic games such as Uno, Cluedo and Monopoly.

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Bob Ross Feature

Bob Ross: Art of Chill Review

Rachel Page 22/10/2020

Bob Ross: Art of Chill Game tries to capture his charming delight in a family-friendly board game. Relax as you create gorgeous landscapes together. You too can paint almighty pictures.

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llamas feature

Llamas Unleashed Review

Rachel Page 18/09/2020

This strategy-based card game might seem cute and fluffy at first, but after a couple of turns, the back-stabbing begins!

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Games That Could Destroiy Your Friendship

7 Games that Could Destroy Your Friendship

Rachel Page 14/09/2020

Any game can turn into a fight, if you try hard enough. Here are the top 7 games that could destroy your friendship at any moment.

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