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Gold Award

Pete Douglas

I have been board gaming since I was young but with memories of playing classics like Cluedo, Sorry mad Escape from Atlantis. However, modern boardgaming has only been on the table for about 3 years.
My favourite games are either semi cooperative with a strong theme and a quality traitor mechanic or a solid mid heavy euro.
I am also one of South Yorkshire's Hairy Game Lords
Outside of gaming I am a husband and dad and I work with Children in Care to make sure they are making the most of their education.
I Love music and have a real soft spot for 90's indie and anything with an edge of alternative British folk.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food


Q&A With The Creators Of Orbital Conflict

Pete Douglas 05/03/2020

Steel Cave Studio consists of Filip Stjernberg and Kim Astor. We started the company back in 2016 when we thought that it was time to bring the hobby to a new level.

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Unmatched: Robin Hood vs Bigfoot Review

Pete Douglas 04/03/2020

Unmatched: Robin Hood vs. Bigfoot is the first, fully playable, standalone expansion for the unmatched Battle of legends asymmetric miniature card-based fighting game.

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Q&A Certifiable Studios

Q&A With Certifiable Studios

Pete Douglas 02/03/2020

Pete got to chat to certifiable studios about all things gaming and ice cream. Read all about it here!

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Clever Unicorn Games Q&A

Pete Douglas 14/02/2020

Pete managed to catch Clever Unicorn games for an interview. Read here to find out more about their Fractured Galaxy Kickstarter and all things gaming!

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Mantis Falls Kickstarter Preview

Pete Douglas 13/01/2020

You feel as though you are part of a film noir gangland movie from the 1940s. Having to work together, or not, to get to the end of the road running through the town and escape to share the story of what you witnessed.

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Of Knights and Ninjas Preview

Pete Douglas 06/01/2020

Of Knights and Ninjas by Josh McBride (Blue Fox Games) is a perfectly weighted, filler card game that offers plenty of take-that and some nice tactical decisions to make throughout.

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box art battle of the bards

Battle Of The Bards Review

Pete Douglas 03/01/2020

Build your band and dancers from a pack of Poets, Minstrels and troubadours and seek to create the largest audience; be the band that gets the best encore

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Q&A With Flying Leap Games

Pete Douglas 30/12/2019

Pete discusses all things Flying Leap Games with Molly and Jon, Million Dollar Doodle is live on Kickstarter now!

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ClipCut Parks Review

Pete Douglas 27/12/2019

The first to complete five park designs successfully wins. In the event of a tie the designer who created least waste wins.

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Bees: The Secret Kingdom Preview

Pete Douglas 18/12/2019

Bees: The Secret Kingdom by Kamil Ciesla, Van Ryder games and Awaken Realms lite. It is a great little fun, filler, card game. It is ideal for families and new gamers alike

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