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Silver Award

Nick Welford

I discovered the world of modern board games when I happened upon King of Tokyo in a book shop. I was so taken with the art work and premise of the game that I immediately purchased it. That was the start of the rabbit hole and since that day I have developed acquisition disorder, started a YouTube channel and been lucky enough to start freelancing in the industry. I’ll play most things but find myself leaning towards more complicated games as my nine-year-old beats me at everything else.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

Flesh and blood

How To Get Into Flesh And Blood

Nick Welford 24/06/2022

Collectible or Trading Card Games (CCGs or TCGs respectively) are always dangerous territory, well at least for me.

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7 Wonders Architects Header

7 Wonders Architects Review

Nick Welford 25/05/2022

7 Wonders Architects is one of those games that deserves a spot in most peoples collections, it will become a ‘gateway’ in to the wider hobby.

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Bloodborne Card Game Review

Bloodborne: The Card Game Review

Nick Welford 18/05/2022

Bloodborne sees up to five players form an uneasy alliance to fight off monsters together while battling to be the one who does the most damage...

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Quacks & Co Quedlinburg Dash cover

Quacks & Co: Quedlinburg Dash Review

Nick Welford 16/05/2022

A family weight race game that uses the same bag building mechanism. This is Quacks & Co Quedlinburg Dash!

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Long Shot The Dice Game Review

Long Shot The Dice Game Review

Nick Welford 16/05/2022

Long Shot The Dice Game more than delivers as a betting and racing game. It does everything it needs to and more. Read on here.

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Berried Treasure cover

Berried Treasure Review

Nick Welford 05/05/2022

Cards are laid out in four rows with cards dealt left to right and overlapping the previous card so you can see what’s underneath.

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Mille Fiori cover

Mille Fiori Review

Nick Welford 28/04/2022

The translucent diamond shaped plastic playing pieces in bright colours look great and elevate the board as they are placed onto it.The translucent diamond shaped plastic playing pieces in bright colours look great and elevate the board as they are placed onto it.

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once upon a plunder cover

Once Upon A Plunder Review

Nick Welford 25/04/2022

Once Upon A Plunder is set in a fairy tale world where a team of fairy tale heroes are trying to build their dream village but, watch out...

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best board games of 2021 ark nova cover

Ark Nova Review

Nick Welford 13/04/2022

Ark Nova sees you and your fellow players bidding to become the most appealing and also conservation minded Zoo.

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Great Western Trail 2nd Edition Characters

Great Western Trail 2nd Edition Review

Nick Welford 02/03/2022

Great Western Trail is one of my favourite games, it has been given a lick of paint all over and given a sleeker design.

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