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Silver Award

Nick Welford

I discovered the world of modern board games when I happened upon King of Tokyo in a book shop. I was so taken with the art work and premise of the game that I immediately purchased it. That was the start of the rabbit hole and since that day I have developed acquisition disorder, started a YouTube channel and been lucky enough to start freelancing in the industry. I’ll play most things but find myself leaning towards more complicated games as my nine-year-old beats me at everything else.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

Wild Tiled West

Wild Tiled West Review

Nick Welford 14/11/2023

It’s a wild frontier out there in Wild Tiled West, and only the canniest critters will have what it takes to claim it!

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Top 10 Children's Games

Top 10 Children’s Games for Christmas

Nick Welford 02/11/2023

Christmas is nearly here!!! It's the best time of the year, especially for children! With that in mind, here are 10 children's games for Xmas!

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Fancy Feathers

Fancy Feathers Review

Nick Welford 18/10/2023

In Fancy Feathers you begin to search for noble pheasants for the pheasantry, moving along a path via a simply but really tricky mechanism

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One Finger

One Finger Review

Nick Welford 09/10/2023

EVERYONE, place your fingers! In One Finger, everybody places a finger on the red button then you shout out a number. Find out more today!

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Carnage At Devil’s Run

Carnage At Devil’s Run Thunder Road: Vendetta Review

Nick Welford 06/10/2023

On face value the other expansions for Thunder Road: Vendetta seem more exciting! Carnage At Devil’s Run is amazing, I promise!

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Hasbro Reprints x Renegade Games

Renegade Games Announces First Hasbro Reprints

Nick Welford 05/10/2023

Popular game publisher Renegade Games have announced the continuing fruits of their licencing deal with Hasbro.

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Choppe Shoppe Thunder Road

Thunder Road: Vendetta Choppe Shoppe Review

Nick Welford 05/10/2023

As per it’s name the Choppe Shoppe expansion is all about upgrades. And generous with them it is too for Thunder Road Vendetta!

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Big Rig And The Final Five Thunder Road Vendetta

Big Rig And The Final Five Thunder Road Review

Nick Welford 29/09/2023

Adding two new racing crews to the base game, Big Rig and the Final Five is an amazing expansion to Thunder Road Vendetta!

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Thunder Road Vendetta

Thunder Road Vendetta Review

Nick Welford 29/09/2023

Grab your crew, roll your dice, race your cars, shoot your guns, and try not to get wrecked in a game of Thunder Road Vendetta!

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Planted Board Game Review

Nick Welford 18/07/2023

A wonderful game of nature and nurture, that is Planted. Care for your very own collection of houseplants (like in the real world!).

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