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Neil Bunker

Professional data translator now testing the "80% of success is just showing up" rule on board games ranging from Ice Cool to Twilight Imperium. You'll often find me posting about what I play on Instagram and on the Diagonal Move website.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food


Ancient Civilisations of the Inner Sea Review

Neil Bunker 10/08/2021

ACIS, from GMT Games, is a sweeping historical epic for 1-6 players. Can you lead your civilisation in the conquest of the ancient world?

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Bookworm feature image

Bookworm: The Dice Game Review

Neil Bunker 01/10/2020

Bookworm: The Dice Game is a face paced, semi real-time, word game designed by Michael Palm and Lukas Zach. Read our thoughts here!

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Minecraft Biomes Feature

Minecraft: Builders and Biomes Review

Neil Bunker 20/07/2020

Minecraft Builders and Biomes is a 2- 4 player game of exploration, construction, and combat designed by Ulrich Blum and published by Ravensburger

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Q&A with Andrew Harman, YAY Games

Neil Bunker 29/04/2020

Andrew Harman, games designer and owner of Yay Games, joins blogger, Neil Bunker, for a chat about winning awards, listening to playtesters and riding the Gruffalo at Chessington.

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Q&A with Tom Lovewell from Redwell Games

Neil Bunker 28/04/2020

Tom Lovewell, of Redwell Games, discusses how he got started in the games industry and talks about his games Vote me!, Ka-zing and Six Gun Showdown.

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Alan Paull Q&A

Q&A with Alan Paull, Surprised Stare Games

Neil Bunker 30/03/2020

Alan Paull joins blogger Neil Bunker for a chat about medieval snails, Ming era ocean voyages and 20 years spent publishing board games.

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Conquest of Paradise Review

Neil Bunker 26/03/2020

Conquest of Paradise takes players on a historical journey to the South Pacific to explore new lands and create an empire.

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Q&A with Scott Moore – This War Without an Enemy Kickstarter

Neil Bunker 23/03/2020

Scott Moore, designer of This War Without an Enemy joins blogger Neil Bunker to discuss board games and the English Civil War.

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Q&A with Ayden Lowther, Dranda Games

Neil Bunker 20/03/2020

Ayden Lowther, co-founder of Dranda Games, joins Neil Bunker to discuss the huge Kickstarter success of co-operative sci-fi survical game, Solar Storm.

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Q&A with Joseph Norris – Adversity Games

Neil Bunker 02/03/2020

Our blogger, Neil Bunker, is joined by Joseph Norris founder of, and lead designer for, Adversity Games. Read here to find out about their upcoming release!

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