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Silver Award

Luke Pickles

Forever Dungeon Master, rugby referee and fan, and always up for a game! Care to play?

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

Fantasies & Futures Tapestry

Fantasies & Futures Tapestry Review

Luke Pickles 28/09/2023

Fantasies & Futures gives players the opportunity to build civilizations using fantasy/ sci-fi inspired tapestries, cities and more!

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Final Girl Series Three

Final Girl Series Three Preview

Luke Pickles 25/09/2023

Yes, that’s right – Final Girl Series Three is now crowdfunding (and at time of writing, has already funded.)

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NEWS: Apiary Stonemaier Games

Luke Pickles 13/09/2023

Apiary is an all new competitive, worker-placement, hive-building game about hyper-intelligent bees in space.

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Uwe Rosenburg - Hallertau

Uwe Rosenburg Top 5 Games

Luke Pickles 01/09/2023

This feature is going to speak about one of the favourites in the board game industry - Uwe Rosenburg! What would you put in this list?

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Final Girl: Slaughter In The Groves Review

Luke Pickles 31/08/2023

Vacations turn to nightmare when the masked killer, Inkanyamba arrives to exact revenge on behalf of the gods in Slaughter In The Groves.

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Final Girl: Once Upon A Full Moon Review

Luke Pickles 31/08/2023

Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house you go. Never mind the growling, it's your imagination in Once Upon a Full Moon.

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Final Girl: Carnage At The Carnival Review

Luke Pickles 31/08/2023

In this Carnage at the Carnival expansion can you navigate your way through a terrifying carnival with deadly traps and sinister clowns?

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Games of the Month - Fog of Love

Pride Board Games

Luke Pickles 20/07/2023

To celebrate Norwich Pride, a local community very close to home, we have put together a blog about board game representation!

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Architects Of The West Kingdom Review

Luke Pickles 17/07/2023

Looking for a light to mid-weight game which could lead you to a whole series of games? Architects of the West Kingdom is the game for you!

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spiel des jahres (1)

Spiel Des Jahres 2023 Winners

Luke Pickles 17/07/2023

Award season has come around quicker than I realised... I woke up to see the Spiel des Jahres 2023 winners had been announced! Here they are.

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