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Louis Noble

I'm a former teacher (Maths and Psychology, if you're interested), now working in the public sector as a data analyst. A gaydad, though my kids aren't really kids any more...

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

Wavelength Blog Review

Wavelength Board Game Review

Louis Noble 01/05/2024

Wavelength looks like it belongs on a gameshow. It feels like it belongs on a gameshow. It ought to be a gameshow. But it is a social team game, ideal for 6-8 people, possibly more.

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Tao Long - The Way of the Dragon Review

Tao Long: The Way of the Dragon Review

Louis Noble 21/07/2021

Tao Long is a game of battling dragons. Each turn in this Thundergryph Games title comprises of a move and, if possible, an attack. Read our review.

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Glen More II Feature

Glen More II: Chronicles Review

Louis Noble 01/07/2020

Glen More is back with it's chronicles! Draft tiles from a central rondel and use them to build up your clan territory. Louis kilts up for his review...

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Nova Luna Review Feature

Nova Luna Review

Louis Noble 30/06/2020

Nova Luna from Uwe Rosenberg takes the turn order mechanic from games like Patchwork and adds a compelling tile laying game to it!

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Terramara Review Feature

Terramara Review

Louis Noble 15/06/2020

Terramara comes from the minds behind great games such as Lorenzo Il Magnifico, Grand Austria Hotel and more! Can it top it's heritage?

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New Frontiers Feature

New Frontiers Review

Louis Noble 24/03/2020

New Frontiers is the long rumoured board game version of Race for the Galaxy. Can the big box version topple it's card game predeccessor?

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Chocolate Factory Review

Louis Noble 23/03/2020

Chocolate Factory is a big box game from UK publisher Alley Cat Games. Our 'Euro Expert' Louis puts on his Wonka and hides the golden tickets...

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Black Angel Review

Louis Noble 21/03/2020

Black Angel sees the designers of Troyes return with this spiritual successor. It ties together ideas from Troyes and Solenia, but does it work?

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Trismegistus: The Ultimate Formula Review

Louis Noble 18/03/2020

Hermes Trismegistus was a historic character - a scribe, a prophet, astrologer, philosopher and alchemist. In this game you will draft dice to perform alchemy.

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Maracaibo Review

Louis Noble 25/02/2020

Maracaibo combines many familar elements into one meaty gameplay pie. Louis takes a big bite and breaks down what he finds!

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