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John Hunt

Dad of three, history teacher, Russophile, medievalist, tech geek, dinghy sailor and inveterate game player.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

Detective Season 1

Top 5 Games For Elementary Sleuths

John Hunt 27/04/2022

Today we're looking at the Top 5 For Elementary Sleuths. This is a blog you don't want to miss, come check it out!

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dune cover

Top 5 Games Based On Sci-Fi Franchises

John Hunt 25/04/2022

Here are five of our favourite games based on established science fiction IP. I hope you’ll find it an interesting and eclectic mix.

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dune ix cover

How To Play Dune: Imperium – Rise Of IX

John Hunt 14/04/2022

Most apparently, Rise of Ix comes with two additional boards. The first is an overlay for the Landsraad and the Choam area...

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perlae imperii cover

Perlae Imperii: Res Arcana Expansion Review

John Hunt 13/04/2022

In effect, Perlae Imperii adds a little more to every aspect of the base game. Read on to see everything about this expansion!

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oath cover

Oath: Chronicles Of Empire And Exile Review

John Hunt 13/04/2022

Oath is a masterpiece of design and this review has only really scratched the surface... Check out this review!

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pax pamir cover

Pax Pamir: Second Edition Review

John Hunt 12/04/2022

The game is set in early nineteenth century Afghanistan, at a time when the Durani Empire had collapsed...

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back 4 blood review feature

Back 4 Blood Review

John Hunt 30/11/2021

Back 4 Blood is an absolutely smashing game. A tense, atmospheric and satisfying co-op shooter with some great gunplay!

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Oriflamme Feature

Oriflamme Review

John Hunt 25/11/2021

Oriflamme is an absolute gem. There is lots to love in this brisk bout of medieval backstabbing – I heartily recommend it.

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Spartacus A Game Of Blood And Treachery Feature

Spartacus: A Game Of Blood And Treachery Review

John Hunt 18/11/2021

Spartacus is a schlocky romp of brutal back-stabbing and pacey dice-chucking arena combat. It makes for a highly entertaining evening.

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Imperium Legends Feature

Imperium Legends Review

John Hunt 12/10/2021

Imperium Legends is an impressive design with greater asymmetry than its Classic partner. It creates a game with massive replayability.

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