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John Hunt

Dad of three, history teacher, Russophile, medievalist, tech geek, dinghy sailor and inveterate game player.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

Cafe Games

Café Board Games For Two

John Hunt 30/08/2023

Have you every found yourself in a Café, with a friend or partner, thinking 'wow, a game right now would be so good!'?

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Jaipur 2nd Edition Review

John Hunt 01/02/2023

Jaipur 2nd Edition features the same satisfying set-collection and hand mangement gameplay as the first, with gorgeous new art. Read our full review here.

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Unmatched: Wildlands (1)

Top 5 Games To Play If You Love Unmatched

John Hunt 25/08/2022

Unmatched is a game you can't help but love, in that case, what are some games you should give a go if you love Unmatched?

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Summoner Wars

Summoner Wars 2nd Edition Review

John Hunt 15/08/2022

Summoner Wars is a 2 player head to head card and board game in which rival summoners and their factions face off across an 6 x 8 board – last […]

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Burgle Bros 2

Burgle Bros 2 Review

John Hunt 11/08/2022

Burgle Bros 2 brings new gear, tiles, bouncers, chips and finales. If you enjoyed Burgle Bros, why not give this one a go?

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Wise Guys

Wise Guys Review

John Hunt 10/08/2022

Wise Guys. Based in Chicago at the height of the roaring 20s. Play as one of four rival gangs looking to make it as the richest 'Rum Runners'

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Sniper Elite

Sniper Elite: The Board Game Review

John Hunt 09/08/2022

Sniper Elite: The Board Game. Is it like the Video Game? Is it better, worse, different? Well you can find out here.

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Sunset Feature

Chilled Games For A Scorching Summer

John Hunt 23/06/2022

The sun is shining, but maybe a tad too much. You can't bring yourself to physically move, so a summer game is just what you need!

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Detective Season 1

Top 5 Games For Elementary Sleuths

John Hunt 27/04/2022

Today we're looking at the Top 5 For Elementary Sleuths. This is a blog you don't want to miss, come check it out!

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dune cover

Top 5 Games Based On Sci-Fi Franchises

John Hunt 25/04/2022

Here are five of our favourite games based on established science fiction IP. I hope you’ll find it an interesting and eclectic mix.

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