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Dawid Kaczorowski

My board game adventure began when the first season of Game of Thrones was on air, which prompted me to get A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (Second Edition). I was at university back then and didn’t get to expand on my collection until a few years later. I now have a collection of roughly 80 games and play regularly with my girlfriend, friends and at work.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food


InBetween Review

In InBetween two players engage in a tug-of-war to decide the fate of the citizens of Upsideville. Will they continue their idyllic lives in the suburbs, or will they be consumed by darkness in the horrifying Creature dimension?

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Star Wars Outer Rim

Star Wars: Outer Rim Review

Star Wars: Outer Rim is the latest game from Fantasy Flight Games set in the beloved universe, albeit without the iconic Jedi, Sith, lightsabers or the force. Instead, players travel to the titular Outer Rim, where it’s all about bounty hunters, mercenaries and smugglers.

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Games for Scrooge - Dead of Winter

Top 5 Games if you’re a Scrooge

A list of games that will help rid yourself of all the frustration amassed in the predictably frantic build-up to Christmas - one for fit for a scrooge!

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AuZtralia Board Game Review

AuZtralia Kickstarter Edition Review

What do we get from a marriage of overused themes of Cthulhu mythos, railway building and zombies? AuZtralia from Martin Wallace!

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Imperial Settlers Review

Imperial Settlers Review

Imperial Settlers, designed by Ignacy Trzewiczek, is a perfect gateway game to introduce someone to civilisation building games.

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