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Dandy Beardlips

Hello there, I am Dom & he is Andy. And together, with our powers combined, we are Dandy Beardlips. We have been best friends since birth (literally) and have been board game hobbyists for a few years now. On top of board games, we love all things nerdy & geeky and are looking forward to sharing our thoughts and hearing yours!

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

15 Minutes To Self Destruct

15 Minutes To Self Destruct Review

Making a coffee within 15 minutes of waking up is a challenge, let alone preparing 15 Minutes To Self Destruct escape vessels.

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15 Minute Heist

15 Minute Heist Review

15 Minute Heist is for those of you with a 'criminal mastermind'. Think you can beat the timer to empty the vault of gold? Give it a go...

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Mille Fiori

How To Play Mille Fiori

You've read the Mille Fiori review, and you're intrigues. But how do you play? Here's Dom and Andy's HTP for Mille Fiori!

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The Voting Game image

The Voting Game Review

The Voting Game... The game testing friendships and relationships. Read Dom & Andy's thoughts and review on this game.

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Jumaji The Game Board

Jumanji: The Game Review

Don't worry, this game won't wake you up in the night thumping... read through this Jumaji: The Game review to see if it's for you.

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Funemployed Review

Funemployed Review

Funemployed does what it says on the box, it’s fun and it will keep you busy. Which is the idea of a party game, really. Read on!

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Jurassic World cover

Jurassic World The Boardgame Review

Jurassic World is a cooperative, dice-based worker placement style game for 2–6 players, but we feel works best with 4-5.

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Quirky Review

Quirky Review

If you do have this fundamental misunderstanding of how facts work Quirky is probably for you! Read our review here.

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articulate cover

Articulate Review

Articulate is played in teams with each team using their turn to correctly guess as many words as they can.

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Jurassic Park Danger Cover

Jurassic Park – Danger Review

Jurassic Park: Danger is broken up into two-player phases, the dinosaur actions and then the human actions.

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