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Asmodee Takeover of Plan B Games

Asmodee and Plan B Games
Asmodee and Plan B Games

Just last week, the board game giant Asmodee announced their acquisition of Plan B Games, best known as being the publishers of Azul and the Century trilogy. Founded in only 2016, Plan B is one of the top-dogs in the board gaming world, operating four international big-wig publishers: Next Move, Eggertspiele, Pretzel Games, and Plan B Games.

If you find yourself asking “But who is this mysterious Asmodee?”, let me explain. Asmodee is one of the world’s leaders in board gaming, and whether you realise it or not, you have already encountered one of their games. Every board gamer worth their salt has. You may think “Hmmm, the name doesn’t sound familiar”, but if you’ve heard of Catan, Ticket to Ride, or Pandemic then you have already met Asmodee.

So far it seems that fans of Plan B Games need not worry. All of their 18 employees, including CEO Sophie Gravel, will continue to work for Asmodee for the time being. Gravel has also assured fans that Plan B Games will be keeping to the same high standards and will “continue to strive to publish games with the same care and attention to detail that has always been [its] driving force”.

Gravel’s relationship with Asmodee began in 2016, when Asmodee acquired her company F2Z Entertainment. From this deal, Gravel retained Pretzel Games, which would become a part of Plan B Games. With these rather impressive credentials, it is clear why Asmodee want to continue to work with Gravel and make the most of her skills and know-how.

The acquisition of Plan B Games will bring titles such as Azul, Great Western Trail, and Century into Asmodee’s already substantial catalogue.